Sunday, December 25, 2016

Friday, December 23, 2016


These were some of the pictures I had taken last month.

Zoey 9 months, Nov 2016.  I cant believe she stayed. I walked away about 20 feet.

Java and Zoey.

I feel Im a failure with Zoey.  She was this perfect puppy.  She never ate/chewed anything.  She doesnt sleep in her crate a night. Then something happened a few months ago.  She has lost her mind. She barks and fence fights with the dogs next door.  I put a garden fence up, well its been up since before I got her, to keep my other dogs from fence fighting. But she kept climbing over it.  Then I ran the fence down the middle of my yard, to keep her way back not be tempted to go over there. Nope, she was able to get over.

So now I have 3 garden fences running down that side, to keep her away.  She was able to pry the corner open, so I zip tied the corner closed. We'll see if she figures another way in. Every time I think Ive got it, she figures it out and gets over it.

Then  she is crazy barking when she see other dogs running agility.  But that doesnt transfer in to running fast when it her turn to run. I just started taking a class with her so I can work on her acting crazy and barking at agility.  In the class, we are all working at different stations.  She wants to go run off toward the other dogs. Ive been able to call her off every time , except once.   I wouldnt mind this so much if all this craziness transferred into her running fast but it doesnt.  I was so hoping not to have to work so much on drive, like I did with Java. But I guess, here I go again.

Here was today's session. Zoey is 10%  slower than Java.( this is boring , so dont feel you have to watch this)

The other thing that I want to make sure, is she has a start line stay.  So Ive worked a lot on getting her to stay.